Title:     Pain
Author: Kiwi
Email:     kiwisarah98@hotmail.com
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I wish I owned them but I don't.  
Summary: 1.  Liz and Max's parents reactions to all the trouble they have been causing.  This picks up at the end of "Sexual Healing" when they are walking toward the café; I took a little liberty with the timing at the very end.
Category: Max/Liz
Author's Note: Hey this is my first Fiction, please send information to make the next one better.  Please include constructive criticism.

Part 1

"If you know so much, then tell me, Max...what's my destiny?" Liz said.
"I only know the part I'm hoping for." Max replied intertwining his fingers with Liz's.

"MAX!" shouted Isabel as she; Alex, Michael and Maria all ran up to them.

"We were so worried," she said as she hugged him. Max never letting go of Liz's hand through all of this hugged her back.

"We are just fine." Max eased her worries.
"Well I am not sure how long that is going to last."  Michael said as he looked in the window at their parents that by then had spotted them outside the café.

"Listen, we found something last night in the desert." Max said.

"What, come on Max don't hold out on us."  Michael said.

"Patience space boy, I think Max and Liz need to deal with their parents before we are going to be about to be able to go over this all."  Maria said to calm down Michael.

"Maria's right, we should go see our parent's first.  How about we meet at school early tomorrow morning, 8:00 in the parking lot then we can go somewhere private."  Max said.

"Okay Max, I will wait until then but don't be late."  Michael replied.

Max turned to Liz and asked, "Okay are you ready?"

"So long as you are coming with me" Liz replied staring deep into Max's eyes.

"Always."  Max says as he gave her a quick kiss on the lips and before leading her toward the door.

Max and Liz entered the café and all of their parents stood up and gave them the stare (and you all know the stare I am talking aboutJ).  Max and Liz met their Parents stare and did not look down and for a while all was quiet.  Alex, Isabel, Michael and Maria all took up positions outside of the doors so they could hear and lend support if it was needed.

Liz's Dad was the first to speak. "So, don't just stand there, where were you last night?"

 "We went for a drive out of town to watch the stars and we fell asleep in the jeep." Liz answered which brought silence from them all.

Liz walked to the back of the restaurant to get some breakfast for her and Max, she grabbed his favorite without having to ask him and came back to the middle of the restaurant where their parents are waiting.  Liz and Max sat down next to each other and started to eat.  

Liz's mom broke the silence and asked the question that everyone was dying to know. "Liz, Max, we will not be angry, only a little upset, but we need to know, are you two having sex?"

Max choked on his food and started coughing; Liz just stared at her Mom with her mouth hanging open. Liz was the first to recover and replied, "No we haven't had sex yet." That sent Max into another coughing fit and he could no longer look Liz's parents in the eyes anymore.

Liz's Dad upon hearing that his little girl was preparing to have sex saw red and started to yell "Elizabeth Parker, what are you thinking?!  You are just a child!  You are only 16 and you are not having sex yet.  Period.  I also don't want you seeing that boy anymore.  Ever since you met him you have changed.  He is a bad influence and that is final.  I don't even know who you are becoming anymore Liz."  This set Maxs' parents off who started to argue but before they could get a word out Liz was out of her seat yelling back at her parent's defending Max.

"NO! I will not follow those rules!  You don't know anything about Max and you are right, you don't know anything about me. I have changed, I have grown up, and I am not your little girl anymore.  I am a woman and I have found the man I love and want to spend the rest of my life with." (At this Max stood up and moved behind her to lend her support but he knew better than to try to stop her from yelling. "Max is the most amazing person I know, He saved my life."  (This caused Max, Michael, Isabel, Alex and Maria to all pays attention to what she was saying.  Max grabbed her hand and squeezed it to ask her what she was doing but she just squeezed it back and Max knew it would be okay.)  "After Max thought I was shot he came back to see if I was okay and he was so worried about me, he looked like he had almost lost his best friend.  Then he ran after those guys to try and bring them to justice.  I never knew before then that he even thought about me like that.  Then I realized that he loved me and he had been waiting since third grade to be with me.  I have never felt more safe and protected then when I am in his arms.  And you do not know anything about him; Max is the kindest, gentlest person I know.  With Alex and Maria he welcomed them into his group and we have always worked together.  In the fifth grade, Max would always pick Maria and Alex to be on his team because he did not want them to be left out and picked last even though they couldn't play the games. With Michael, Max is like his big brother, they protect each other and keep each other in line and with Isabel.  Well I have never known anyone who was best friends with their siblings and they are best friends they share almost everything.  (Liz was almost sobbing now and trying to talk through her tears.)  Max is the best person I know, he is the other half of me and I am not going to let you take him away from me, I don't care what rules you make, I would do anything for Max, even die for him."  Liz was so upset she couldn't face her parents anymore so she ran through the back room up to her bedroom and threw herself face down onto her bed.  Liz's parents got up to go after her but Max stopped them.

"Stop, She's right.  You don't know her or me and neither do you" Max said looking at his parent's.  "Liz is the best thing that happened to me. When I first stepped off the bus in the third grade and saw her I knew that she was the one for me.  I have loved Liz for the past 7 years and now that I have her I will not let you take her away from me.  I love Liz with all my heart."

"You are too young to know what love is Max. You are only 16." Said Max's Dad.

"I don't know what love is…. Love is knowing the worst thing about the other person and still respecting, trusting and doing anything for that person.  Liz and I have shared everything about each other and we still respect each other and we are working together to overcome what we have done in the past.  I would do anything for her, give her anything and everything I can. That is how much I love her." Max explained with tears running down his face unashamed.  Max turned back to Liz's Parents and said "Don't go after her, you will only upset her more, I'll go."

Max walked toward the back of the restaurant leaving their parents just staring after them.

Liz's Mom turned and looked at the other adults, "They really love each other."  Liz's Dad got up and started to walk back to follow Max.  

"Where are you going?" asked Liz's Mom.

"I am going to follow them but I am not going to face them.  I want to see how they interact together, I have never really seen them together." He replied.  "I am coming to" "Me too" "Me three" all the parents said as they started to follow Liz's dad to the rear of the restaurant.

Part 2

Liz and Max's parents walk up the stairs and see Max just walking into Liz's room.  They took positions outside of her door out of sight of both Liz and Max.

Liz had flung herself on her bed and she was weeping into the pillow facing away from the door.  Max walked quietly into the room, around to the side of the bed so she could see him and, looking into her eyes, he immediately lay down beside her and gathered her in his arms. They just cried in each other's arms for a little while, then Liz started to kiss Max's neck. Slowly Liz started to kiss her way down Max's shirt unbuttoning it as she went.

Max's Dad sees this and was about to go in and break it up and Liz's parents were too stunned by her sexuality to do anything, but Max's mom stopped him and told him to keep quiet.

Liz was halfway down Max's chest when he let out his first groan.  "Oh, Liz.  Liz. That feels so good, you know what you are doing but that is not going to help us right now.  We need to deal with this, honey."  "I know Max, this is just a lot more fun." Liz sighed.  "I know, Hon, I know." Max comforted her.

"Well what are we going to do?" Liz said thinking out loud.  "Well the problem is our parents don't know either of us.  They are not comfortable with our dating and they don't think we really love each other like we do."  Max just smiled at Liz and listen to her calculate things like the scientist she wanted to become.  "How do we make them understand?  Max, are you listening?"  Liz asked.  "Yes, I was just thinking how much I love you. But you are right back to the topic." Max replied. They held each other and thought quietly for a while.  Just when the parents were about to barge in again they heard them start to talk again.

"Well our friends know we love each other, they understand us. Why do they understand us?"  Max observed.  "I've got it! They are always around us they know how we act and stuff." Liz said.  "Are you suggesting we start to party with our parents?" Max teased Liz even though he could see where she was headed.  "No silly, I mean kind of.  We need to show them what we are like together, like, Oh, we could have like some family meals or something and everyone could get together so they could watch us and we could all get to know each other!"  "That sounds great, Liz." Max replied and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips.

"So where were we before this became serious." Liz smiled secretly at Max before she resumed kissing her way down his chest. Max groaned again and pulled her up and under him and started to nibble on her neck.  This led into a full-blown make out session, which left their parents dazed and to surprised to do anything.  Max's shirt got removed and Liz rolled him over so she was again on top of Max.  Both Liz and Max just looked at each other after an especially mind blowing kiss. "We should go talk to our parents, they were pretty upset after I left."  Max suggested. "Yeah let's go talk to them, I am sure the rest of the gang is going to want to talk too."

"Well I am not sure about the rest of the gang but your plan for the get togethers sounded really good to me." Liz's mom answered as she entered her daughter's room.  Max and Liz just looked at each other stunned.  Liz was straddling Max and Max didn't have his shirt on.  The rest of the parents walked in the room looking sheepish to find them in this position and Max again could not look Liz's dad in the eyes.  "How long have you guys been there." Liz ventured.  "We heard everything honey, and we think it is a very good idea."  Liz's mom replied.  

"Okay we are going to have to set some rules first if this is going to work out peacefully." Liz commented as she got off of Max and handed him his shirt. "Lets go get some breakfast and talk" Max's Mom said.  Everyone headed down to the café and they let in Alex, Maria, Michael and Isabel so they could join the breakfast club.

Everyone was sitting around a couple tables they had grouped together in the center of the restaurant.  They were lucky that the café was closed that morning so their breakfast was not interrupted by any customers or friends.  Everyone had their plates and Max and Liz were sitting together acting like newly weds almost.  Their parents were joking with them until suddenly Liz's mom cussed. "Oh shit, Liz you are going to kill me."

"What mom? I can't decide if you don't tell me your crime." Liz questioned.

"I kind of set you up for a date." She said.

"What?!? You set me up a DATE?!?" Liz asked.

"Yeah, he is a junior and he is going to be starting at your school on Monday, His father is an acquaintance from college.  He recognized me and we started talking about our kids, and it just kind of happened. I am so sorry Liz, it won't happen again, just please do it for me this one time." Liz's Mom whined.

Liz looked to Max to see his reaction. "I love you honey, what every you want to do." Max let her know.

Part 3

"Well all right but just this one time, and it is not a date, we are going as friends." Liz let her Mom know.


"Um, Hi are you Liz Parker?"  

"Yeah." Liz answered and turned to the deep voice behind her.  "Hi, My name is Josh Mallory.  I'm new here.  My Dad knows your Mom…" Josh trailed off as he looked at the gorgeous girl in front of him.  She was young, fresh and beautiful.  "Oh right, my Mom told me to look for you.  Welcome to Roswell, how do you like the school and town and stuff?" Liz asked.  "Oh it's okay I haven't seen much of it yet." Josh answered.
"Yeah, right. Oh by the way. These are my friends, Max, Isabel, Alex, Maria and Michael." Liz said as she pointed to the rest of the people sitting around the picnic table. "Why don't you grab a seat"


"So Josh" Isabel started, "Where are you from?"

"I am from California, LA to be specific."

"Jeez, What brings you to Roswell of all places?" responded Alex.

"My Dad, He travels for his business a lot and he knew Liz's Mom back in high school or college or something, so when his business decided they wanted to branch into New Mexico, specifically Roswell.  He remembered that Liz's Mom had moved here and so he looked her up and here I am, just tagging along.  My dad is in the hotel business, he helps companies organize themselves better and stuff like that."  Bell rang.  "Well I better get to class.  It was nice to meet you Liz, I'll see you around."

"Yeah, bye."

"Ohhhh, Liz I think he has the hots for you!" Maria squealed.  "Maria! I can't believe you just said that, no way." Liz responded.  "I know, I am just teasing you guys. I didn't mean it Max." Maria quickly cleared the air.  "I know." Max said as he smiled and leaned in for a kiss from his girl who willingly obliged.

Second bell rang.

"Well we better get to class too. See you all at the Crashdown later to discuss what we found some more."  Max finished.

In History class that afternoon.

"Hey Liz."

"Hey Josh.  Hey my Mom wanted me to take you out on the town one night, you know show you around, introduce you and stuff, if you want to go, I have Friday night off.  We could go dancing or something." Liz offered

"Yeah that sounds great I'll pick you up at 8:00."

"Great, oh by the way, um… I just want you to make sure you know this is going just as friends because I wasn't sure if you saw it but I am really involved with Max."

"I understand, I actually have a girlfriend back in LA anyway."  Josh said.

"Great I will see you Friday." Liz said as she spotted Max leaving his classroom.

Josh stared after her and commented to himself "yes, Friday will be a great night."

Friday night rolled around, Josh picked up Liz who was looking fabulous in a short, slinky black dress, which he commented on as they got in the car and drove to UFOnics, the hottest dance club in Roswell and the only one.  Both Liz and Josh were having a great time, tearing up the dance floor and making all the rest of the people there jealous of them for being such a good looking couple.  The Dance floor was getting crowded as Josh pulled Liz to the edge and they took their seats at their private table.

"This night is going great. I hope you are having as much fun as I am." Liz started the conversation.

"Yeah this is a great place, but hey it's getting pretty packed in here, do you want to leave and take a drive, you could point out the other great places to me."  Josh offered.

"Yeah that sounds like fun" Liz replied.

"Great" Josh smiled at her.

Earlier that night Michael had sneaked into Max's room and was teasing him about Liz being out on a date with another guy, which turned into the guys wrestling on the floor and waking up Isabel next door who was very unpleased to have her beauty sleep disturbed.  Max and Michael settled in for the night, Max on the bed and Michael in the sleeping bag reserved specially for him.  Max fell asleep very quickly and Michael was left staring at the ceiling.  As Michael started to drift off, he started to see flashes of something, someone in danger, and a hand coming forward covering the person's mouth, the sound of ripping cloth.  Then suddenly Michael's head was filled with pain and he was jolted out of sleep to find Max leaning over him looking at him curiously.

Part 4

Liz and Josh left UFOnics and got in Josh's car.  

"So you are really serious with that Max guy huh." Josh stated.

"Yeah we are really in love with each other." Liz replied not wanting to start talking about Max with Josh, "What about your girlfriend, how does she feel about this long distance relationship?"

"Well to tell you the truth, it is not going well I talked to her over the phone yesterday and I don't think it is going to last for much longer." Josh answered without even flinching.

"Oh, I am sorry it didn't work out." Liz responded and put her hand on Josh's arm. "So there is not much to Roswell," Liz started, trying to change the subject. "The best hangout for students is the Crashdown, and you have already found that.  There is the UFO Museum, this real nut, Milton runs the place, I don't recommend it unless you are a "true believer," as Milton would say. Finally we have a mall and some other small touristy things.  The best place out here is the desert.  It is great for sunsets, stargazing and being alone, it is huge."

"How about we head to the desert then if it is so great?" Josh suggested as he put his arm around her shoulders.

"Um… Okay for a short ride, then I should be getting home soon, I think I have an early shift tomorrow." Liz lied, getting a little uncomfortable with his proximity.

Josh drove east out of town, down a small highway and then turned off on to some side dirt path off the highway.  Josh's driving was very questionable, because of a few drinks he had sneaked at UFOnics.
"Hey where are we going, why are you stopping?" Liz asked becoming very afraid of where this was heading.

"Well I just thought we could use some time alone together you know just you…. and me."  Josh smiled very big at her.  

"I don't think so, I think I need to be getting home right now.  Please take me home."

"Oh come on baby, I am just trying to have some fun, you said you wanted to introduce me or stuff, and do something.  That is all I am asking for here."  Josh whined.

"Well that is not what I meant. I am sorry you misinterpreted what I said.  So lets get this next sentence straight.  Take me home now." Liz tried to scoot as far away from him as she could.  Liz spotted the door handle and she was just about to reach for it and get out of the car when she hear the door locks click shut and a small deep voice say, "I don't think so."  Liz looked back in terror as a large hand came forward and covered her mouth.  Liz can hear the sound of clothes ripping and she feels a breeze blow across her exposed chest and she realizes that it was her clothes that were being ripped and this was actually happening to her, Elizabeth Parker.  Liz finally snapped out of her shock and started to fight with everything she had in her realizing that if she didn't do something soon, her body would be possessed by someone other than Max.

Josh was surprised that there was that much strength in Liz's little body, when she punched him and scratched her fingers down his face.  Not wanting to take anymore insolence from this mere girl, Josh backhanded her and that was all it took to shut her up, while he finished what he came to do.

"Are you all right Michael? Did you have a flash?" Max asked quietly.

"I am not sure. You know how they are fuzzy and don't make themselves clear until a few days later.  I could also have just been a bad dream." Michael replied not wanting Max to be worried and not quite sure himself.

"Okay are you sure? Are you going to stay the rest of the night here?" Max asked again.

"Um… I am okay but I think I am going to go back to my apartment for tonight." Michael said distractedly as he rolled the sleeping bag up again.

"Okay let us know if anything else happens." Max said as Michael crawled out the window.

Liz tried to roll over but something was holding her down and she couldn't move at all.  
Josh and her leaving the club

Josh driving into the desert and parking

Josh attacking her and knocking her unconscious


*End Flashes*

Liz lookd around and saw Josh still on top of her but obviously done hurting her.  She froze and didn't know what to do, if she moved he might wake up and hurt her again but if she didn't how could she not throw up with him still on her after what he had done to her.  Liz's thoughts then flashed to Max and what this was going to do to him.

Josh starting to move and get off of her jerked Liz back to the present.  Liz still couldn't move from fright and Josh laughed down at her, "Geez, I didn't think you would still be a virgin, that little tidbit just doubled my pleasure and fun." Liz started to turn green at this statement and also when she looked down and saw the bruises and blood, her blood all over her now naked body.  Josh seeing she was about to be sick opened her car door and pushed her from it.  Liz fell to the ground and was sick right then and there.   

Josh knowing he had to finish the job so no one would know what happened grabbed Liz by her hair and started to drag her far into the desert and started to beat on her more hoping she would die.  Also warning her that if by some chance she did live if she talked to anyone else, not only would this happen to her again but she would not be able to protect her friends either.

Liz passed into unconsciousness again and Josh left her there on the desert floor.  He got back into his car and drove home satisfied that everything went smoothly.

Michael climbed out Max's window and started to walk to his apartment, wanting the exercise to clear his head.

`What the hell was that?  A hand, a ripping of something and that pain, damn I still have the headache from it. I think I need to get home, but I think I am going to walk for a little bit first.'

Michael climbed the stairs to his apartment and started to feel that something was different about it. Cautiously, he approached his door and saw that everything was just the way it was supposed to be.  He opened the door and did a quick search of his apartment and found that everything was normal.

"Must have been that dream that is making me paranoid." Michael thought as he scratched his head, making his hair spike up in a new mess and started to get ready for bed.


Pain and a hand reaching for his door knob

*End Flash*

Michael reached for the closest weapon by his bead as he silently crept toward his door to see the knob starting to turn….

Part 5

`Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.' Michael thought as he neared the door, but it never opened, the handle just turned and turned.  Michael never the one with patience flung open the door and raised his baseball bat high ready to face the enemy.  

Only there was no one facing him… then he heard it something quiet.

"Please don't hit me, please don't hit me."  Over and over the voice was saying it quietly from the shadows outside of the door.  Michael listened closer and recognized…Liz's voice.

"Liz is that you?" Michael questioned as he stepped closer to the door.

"Please don't hit me, please don't hit me, please don't…" Liz just kept repeating.  Then Michael spotted her, sitting on the ground with her legs pulled up to her chin, in red clothes.  

"Please don't hit me, please don't hit me…"
"Liz, I'm not going to hit you, what happened, it's like 4 in the morning or something.  Is Max okay? Isabel? Maria?!? Liz look at me." Michael commanded as he grabbed her arms and forced her to look at him.  It was then that he saw the bruises and cuts on her face and as he pulled away his hands he realized that Liz was not dressed in red, she was dressed in blood, her blood.

Liz just stared at Michael as he pulled away from her.  "Oh my god Liz, What happened to you? I have to call Max!" Michael said as he started to head back to his apartment to place the call.  

"NO!" Liz said as she tried to stand up. "Please don't call him, please Michael don't call him." Liz started to cry hysterically.

Michael just stared at her when he saw that she was naked and covered in blood and she could hardly stand.  Next he realized that she was shivering from the chill in the night and she could hardly stand let alone walk to his apartment.  Michael slowly approached Liz who was still crying and asking him not to call Max or Maria and picked her up gently, trying not to touch or look at anything he shouldn't be looking at.  

Michael carried her into his apartment and laid her on his couch and covered her with a couple of his blankets.  Then seeing that her crying was not slowing down he pulled her and the blankets into his lap and just held her until she settled down.

"Michael can you please heal me?"  Michael heard after thinking she had cried herself to sleep.  
"What? You want me to heal you, Liz you have to go to the police. Now, and the hospital."  Michael looked at her tear stained face.

"I …I can't do it, I don't want to.  Please just heal me so I can go back and don't tell anyone.   I can't tell anyone this it… it is just too bad."

"Before I do anything I need to hear what happened, good or bad.  Why did you come to me Liz, I mean we are not exactly that close?"

"You know what happened.  I was raped and beaten." Liz finally choked out, "and as for you.  I… You don't put me on a pedestal or judge me."

"Huh, I don't judge you, Liz I read your journal I do too judge you.  I didn't trust you or even like you."  Michael responded to the broken girl sitting in his lap.

"No not like the others.  I couldn't go to them they judge me to hard.  This is too bad I couldn't go to them.  I don't want them to ever find out what happened tonight. Please heal me now Michael so I can get on with my life." Liz responded flatly.

"I can't"

"What?!? Yes you can you are an alien, Max healed a bullet, you can fix a few bruises, just fix my face I can take care of the rest, Michael do it you can. I know it."  Liz cried hysterically.

"Shhhh…Liz listen I don't have control of my powers like Max and Isabel. I can't heal you."  Michael admitted quietly.

"Yes you can yes you can, I know it you can." Liz cried in full hysterics now.

Michael just held her tightly and tried to quiet her down.  After another 20 minutes had passed, Liz had quieted down enough for Michael to talk to her.

"Liz…. I don't know what you want to do next but…what ever you want to do I will help you.   You helped Max so I owe you. Oh god, are you still bleeding anywhere?" Michael suddenly realized she could be bleeding to death right there in his lap.

"Um no I don't think so but I am covered in…." Michael looked back at Liz's face to see that she had fainted from the sight of her own blood that she just then realized she was covered in.  

Michael quickly carried her into his room and laid her on his bed.  After he saw that she was comfortable he hurried to gather bandages and towels and water to clean her up some.  Starting with her face Michael as gently as he could wiped the blood and dirt way from her skin.  After he had cleaned her face her arms and lower legs quickly followed, as those were safe and uncovered.  

Liz slowly regained conscience as she felt her legs being moved.

"Ahhhh… Don't hurt me. Don't hurt me." She screamed as she sat straight up in bed, the blankets falling away from her.  

Michael quickly pulled her in to his embrace and started telling her, "shhh it is just Michael.  You are safe.  You are in my apartment."

"Oh god I hoped it was all a dream." Liz stated.

"Shhhh… you are going to be okay I will take care of you.  I was just washing away some of the blood and dirt."  Michael explained.

"Oh.  Here can you finish or… um… do you need help." Michael mumbled as he showed her the washcloth.

" I am not sure I can do it." Liz cried getting upset again.

Michael falling prey to her tears succumbed "Shh… it is okay I will help you. Just lay back, close your eyes and relax, I will try not to hurt you anymore."  

Liz laid back but when she closed her eyes all she could see was the hand coming down over her mouth and his awful face sneering at her.  "Michael will you please talk to me." Liz asked then explained what she was seeing.

"Sure." Michael started as he realized that she was seeing the same thing he had seen in the flash he that had had earlier that night.

Michael finished cleaning and bandaging Liz.  He even found a pad that Maria must have left at his apartment because Liz was still bleeding a little.  Michael then found Liz a clean pair of his boxers, and a shirt to cover her nakedness.  

"Is there anything else I can do for you Liz?" Michael asked tentatively.

"Um…" Liz hesitated, "Can you hold me.  I am afraid."

"Yeah I can do that." Michael said as he climbed in to the bed behind her and wrapped his arms around her cautiously.

"Thank you Michael for not asking questions." Michael heard Liz say before they both fell asleep from exhaustion.

*Briiing, briiing*

Max woke up to the phone ringing.

"Hello?" he asked only half-awake.

"Max? Hi, it's Maria, is Liz there, she was supposed to come to my house last night and she didn't show up so I am really worried because she is not answering her phone at home or her cell phone and I am starting to panic and I need some cedar oil." Maria rambled off in one breath.

"Slow down Maria. Breathe.  Now what is happening?" Max started fully awake now to Maria's panic attack.

"Is Liz with you?" Maria asked again.

"No. I thought she was staying with you last night" Max asked right back.

"She was supposed to but she never showed. I am really worried about her Max; she always lets me know what she is doing, especially after you two made your little get away.  She tells me everything and calms me down always, she is never the source of panic."  Maria started again.

"Calm down.  Let me wake up Isabel and you call Alex and see if she is with him.  If she is there call me back then we will come pick you guys up and go to Michael's.  Maria it is okay we will find her." Max slowly enunciated for Maria.

"Okay, I will call you back soon."

Max sat up and pulled on some pants and a long sleeve sweater as some protection against waking Isabel up.

After some convincing that this was not a prank and a call from Maria in Hysterics again because Liz wasn't with Alex.  Isabel and Max left their house and picked up Maria and Alex.

Max was the first one knocking on Michael's door that morning.

Knock, Knock, Knock.

Michael woke to find a warm body wrapped around him and someone knocking non-stop at the door.  Michael just laid there for a second remembering everything that had happened the night before and wishing that who ever it was would just go away.  

When the knocking didn't stop Michael untangled himself from Liz whose oversized shirt had slipped off of her shoulders in the night. Without waking her pulled the covers up to hide most of her from the cold air in the apartment.  

Michael opened the front door in his sweat pants, obviously just roused from his sleep to find Max, Isabel, Alex and a flighty Maria standing there.  

"What?" He asked not letting them in.

Maria took care of that for them, just walking in and circling the coffee table as she tried to work off some of her nervous energy. "Have you seen Liz, we can't find her and we need your help."  She started but Max cut her off.

"On shit, there she is." Max exclaimed as he spotted her in Michael's bed turned away from them, still sleeping.

Maria screeched to a halt as she turned to look at what Max was talking about. "Oh my god."

Alex and Isabel just stared in amazement at Michael as he looked to Maria sadly.

"Michael, What the Hell is going on," Max yelled as he looked at the love of his life in the bed of his best friend.

Part 6

Michael made a quick decision to honor Liz's request to not tell anyone her secret, since she was the one in the most pain right now.  He did not say anything as he crossed to his bedroom door and closed it so Liz could still sleep.  Michael braced his feet in front of the door so that no one would try to disturb her.

"What in the hell is going on Michael!" Max repeated, "Why is MY girlfriend in YOUR bed!"

Michael did not say anything but just stared past Max to Maria with a hope that she would be able to understand and forgive him one day for deceiving her.

Maria misunderstanding his look broke down and ran out the door with Alex hot on her heels to comfort her.

Max finally understanding that he was not going to get any information from Michael turned on his heel and left the room quietly with tears running down his face.  Isabel was the last to leave and she did not leave quietly questioning how Michael could do that and if he had lost his mind, slamming the door on the way out.

Michael sighed after they all left and opened the door to his bedroom to find Liz huddled in a small ball under the blankets crying.  Michael gently coerced her to come out from under the blankets and he again held her as she cried again for the pain that she caused everyone.

Ten minutes later, when Liz's tears had become just the occasional shudder, Michael directed her into his shower and gave her more clothes and towels so she could change while he cooked breakfast.

Later after the dishes had been done, Liz was sitting on the couch in a small ball when Michael again tried to broach the subject of why she came to him and what she was going to do.

"So, Liz, um, why again did you come to me of all of our friends." Michael tentatively asked.  

"You don't expect a lot from me.  You expect me to make trouble for you, so I am just fulfilling your expectations." Liz whispered.  "That was everyone this morning wasn't it?"

"Yeah, Liz what are you going to do, you can't keep this a secret.  Liz I…I want to be…with Maria.  She … I …what are you going to do.  How can I help." Michael stuttered.

"Please just don't say anything yet, I will figure something out.  I… it will be okay." Liz assured him, " Please just don't say anything, Michael, Please."

"All right, I won't say anything for now, but Liz we need to do something." Michael guaranteed her before she got upset again.

"I know, but for now can you just hold me again." Liz asked tentatively.

"Yeah, come here." Michael said as he gathered her close.

Liz stayed with Michael for the rest of the weekend, not wanting to be alone, because her parents were out of town for a few days.  

Monday at school just after class let out for lunch,

"Hey Liz, I didn't think I would see you at school today, though I must say I am very happy you are here," Josh said as he came up behind Liz.

Liz swung around at the sound of his voice only to find herself trapped between him and a wall of lockers.  "Just leave me alone, please, I am not going to say anything." Liz pleaded.

"Oh I know that honey, I just was thinking that if you are well enough to come to class today then maybe we could so something later today or another date later this week." Josh smiled at her.

"No," Liz said, "please just stay away from me."

"I don't thing so" Josh replied as he pulled her into the Eraser Room, with one hand over her mouth.

Part 7

Michael was waiting for Liz by his locker when Max found him and started to question him.

"What was Liz doing at your apartment Michael? What happened? I thought you were MY friend? How could you do this to me?" Max rambled on. "Are you listening to me? Michael?"

Michael sighed and looked at his watch and asked himself, "where is she?"


Liz. Pain. Eraser Room.  Black.

*End flash*

Max continued to question Michael when suddenly Michael doubled over in pain right in front of him. "Michael!"

"Noooooooooooooo" Michael cried as he made his way to his feet and around the corner to the Eraser room.  With all of the adrenaline running through his veins, the door and lock, were no barriers against him, even without his powers.  Michael ripped the door from its hinges and it flew across the hall as Michael stared at the ugly scene before him.  

"Noooooooooooooo," was cried again, however this time the voice was that of Max, as he saw what was happening from behind Michael.  Michael, seeing red, grabbed Josh and threw him across the hall where he hit the lockers and was knocked unconscious.  The force Michael used to pull Josh off Liz also pulled her somewhat into the hall and all of the students gathered were able to see the damage Josh had inflicted on Liz, who was unconscious also.

Michael gathered Liz in his arms apologizing profusely for leaving her and letting this happen again.  Michael looked up with tears running down his face and the first people he saw were Kyle and a couple of his friends.  "Tommy, call an ambulance, NOW!" Michael yelled at Kyle's friend, who ran off to do as he was told.

Max, who was at first stunned to see what had happened to his love kneeled in front of Liz.  Maria, Isabel and Alex, who had also heard the commotion, were gathered behind Max, with tears running down their faces.  Alex was trying to comfort Isabel and hold up Maria, who was so upset, she couldn't stand up on her own.

Michael, realizing what their presence would do to Liz when she woke up, gathered himself together again and yelled at them all to leave.

"Max, Maria, get out of here, go away.  When Liz wakes up she won't want you here."

"No, No, No, No way, am I leaving her.  I'm her boyfriend.  I love her, I'm not leaving her.

Michael felt Liz starting to stir and seeing there was no way he would be able to get Max and the gang to leave and still be there for her called in a larger gun, "Kyle, get them out of here now, she doesn't want them here.  Do it NOW!" Michael yelled which got not only Kyle but also Tommy who had returned, but also a few more of his football buddies moving into forcibly pulling Max away and escorting Isabel, Maria and Alex around the corner away from Liz.

"Liz, Liz, wake up please, please, I am so sorry," Michael confessed as Liz's eyes started to flutter.

Liz's eyes opened to find not just Michael but also Max leaning over her, because he had gotten away from Kyle and his friends and was back in front of her.  Seeing the one person she didn't want to know what had happened to her sent Liz into panic.  "No, No, No, Michael you promised, No, go away, No, No, MICHAELLLLLlllllllllllllllll." Liz yelled through her tears as Michael tried to quiet and calm her.  "Max leave, I can't help her when you are here. Please." Michael pleaded with Max to leave.  Seeing what his presence was doing to her, Max allowed Kyle and his friends to drag him around the corner where Isabel held him.  They all listened to Liz and Michael who they could still hear.  

With Max out of the picture, Michael got Liz to focus on him and he held her as she calmed down and they waited for the ambulance.

"Liz, Liz, you just need to calm down.  Look at my eyes Liz, don't look away just concentrate on my eyes.  Oh, Liz, I am so sorry, I wasn't there…." Michael started.

 "No, No, Michael, please just hold me, don't let me go.  I want to go to your apartment Michael.  Please take me away from here." Liz pleaded.

"Liz, I can't. You can't hide this anymore; you need to go to the hospital and the police.  They are already on their way." Michael explained.  Liz terrified at this turn of events started crying again, "No, no, please no.  I want to go to your apartment…Oh Michael, owwwwww. Oh owwwwwww.  Michael make it stop." Liz wailed as she was suddenly overcome with pain.  

Michael breaking eye contact so he could see what was the problem found his answer covering his legs.  Liz was still bleeding.  Michael pulled off his shirt in an attempt to stop the blood flow and yelled again for the ambulance, which was pulling up just outside the school as Liz once again lost consciousness.

The paramedics arrived and loaded Liz onto the stretcher, which caused Liz to start to stir again, however it wasn't until they were loading her into the ambulance that Liz realized what was happening.

"Nooooooooooooooooooo, Michael, Michael." Liz sobbed thrashing about on the stretcher.  Michael seeing the problem forced his way into the ambulance and into Liz's view, which calmed her down almost immediately.  The paramedics, seeing that Liz wouldn't go without Michael, climbed in too and left for the hospital.  

The ambulance arrived at the hospital and Liz was rushed into an emergency room, where again she became agitated when they tried to keep Michael from coming with her.  
Again Michael forced his way into the hospital room, where he took up position at Liz's head, keeping her focused on his eyes, and talking to her as the doctors worked.

"You need to have surgery, we can't stop the bleeding here."

Part 8

Liz started to breathe faster as she prepared to panic over the lost of Michael's eye contact and the prospect of surgery.  Michael immediately made eye contact with Liz again and started to talk to her to calm her down again.  

"Liz, look at me.  Okay.   Um… You are going to be just fine, I promise you.  Okay, now I want you to close your eyes and concentrate on my voice, okay, you will be okay, just close your eyes" Michael told her.  "Okay, now I want you to imagine we are back in my apartment, we are sitting on the couch, and I am holding you.  We are safe and no one is going to bother us. Okay?  Now we are um…we are going to watch a movie, just the two of us okay; we are going to watch Titanic, okay.  I just started it and we are going to sit on the couch and watch the entire thing, and when the movie is over, then you are going to be out of surgery and you are going to be just fine.  Do you see the beginning of the movie?" Michael asked

"Yeah, yeah I do. Okay," Liz answered, as she became very quiet and subdued and the nursing staff worked quietly preparing her for surgery.

Liz was wheeled away to surgery, leaving Michael and a nurse, Alice, in the emergency room.  

"Why Titanic?" Alice asked as she gave Michael back his bloody shirt.  

Michael pulled on his shirt with out thinking about the blood as he answered, "it was the longest movie I could think of and it is one of her favorites."

Michael walked into the waiting room and was amazed by what he saw.  Not only were Max, Maria, Isabel and Alex waiting for him, but also so were the Evans's, Amy Deluca, the Sheriff, Kyle, and half the school.  They were also surprised by what they saw.  Standing in front of them was not the school rebel anymore, this was a young man who had had to grow up way to soon. Who had spent all of his life dealing with pain.  Only this time he couldn't hide how it was affecting him.  He was standing there covered in their classmates' blood, the only link into the trauma that had rocked their small community.

Michael was the first to react and passed the entire crowd to the elevators, were he pressed the number for the floor in ICU where Liz would be taken after she got out of surgery.  Everyone was not far behind Michael, wanting to find out what was happening to their friend.  By this time Liz's parents had also showed up at the hospital and were going crazy trying to find out what had happened to their beloved daughter.  Michael commandeered a corner of the room, which was were Max, Maria, Isabel and Alex found him, when their elevator doors opened.  

"Michael," Max asked, "What happened, what is going on? That's why Liz was at your house wasn't it? Michael answer me please."

"I don't have to tell you anything.  Liz doesn't want you involved, just leave her alone for now." Michael answered.  

"Michael please, why didn't she call us" Liz's parents pleaded.

"She doesn't want you involved. Period." Michael replied then turned away so no one would continue to bother him while they all waited for an update on Liz.

Part 9 How Do You Feel? Internal Monologues

Max's POV
     I couldn't protect her.  She went to Michael, why him?  They don't like each other that much.  I could kill Josh.  She is so hurt, how can she get through this?  I will help her.  I will.  I won't leave her alone.  Why did she go to him and not Maria or I or even Isabel or Alex for that matter, why him?

Maria's POV
     My best friend and my sometimes boyfriend.  She went to him. Not me. Or even Max.  Why my spaceboy?  How can she break through his wall but I can't? Do I even know him?  Do I have to be raped to get through to him that I love him?……I love him.

Mr. Parker's POV
     My baby.  My little girl.  Some man has hurt my baby.  I always thought it would eventually be Max that would…how can this happen to MY baby?

Mrs. Parker's POV
     This is all my fault.  I'm the one who set her up on this date.  I hurt my baby.

Isabel's POV
     My brother is unraveling before my very eyes and there is nothing I can do about it.  My first real friend is laying in a hospital bed somewhere being operated on and there is nothing I can do about it.  My other brother won't talk to me and I don't know how to help him or my other friends.  I have powers but how can I be so helpless.  All I can do is try to hold the pieces of my brother together; I will just hold him.

Alex's POV
     Liz once told me that she could come to me with anything even with her biggest problem she came to me, come to think of it that problem happened at this hospital too.  I can't do anything this time though.  Maria is so quiet.  I wonder what she is thinking.  She is never quiet, why now?  Max is falling apart.  I wish I could go to Isabel.  I know she needs me.  Max and Michael can't do anything.  The last time I saw her this distraught was when Michael was sick, but then she had Max to hold onto now she has no one.  I wish I had enough arms to comfort her, Maria, Liz, and even Michael and Max.

Michael's POV
     She trusted me.  She depended on me and I still couldn't protect her.  She is so hurt.  God, I hope she is going to be okay.  Everyone is hurt.  I wish…I…I wish I could go to Maria.  I hurt her though, I betrayed her with her best friend, she probably hates me again.  Maybe Liz can help her understand.  Why am I thinking about myself, Liz is the one that got hurt and I put her there?  She trusted me.  She depended on me….

Part 10

3 hours later…

"Mr. and Mrs. Parker," the Doctor started interrupting them from their thoughts, "Liz was rolled out of surgery and into her own room in the Intensive Care Unit.  There was some damage from the beating however we were able to stop the bleeding and she will be just fine eventually.  She will still have a lot of pain and work to get back to her top form again though.  For the next couple weeks she will be sore and she needs to take it easy.  We are going to keep her in the hospital for the next couple days to be sure she doesn't open her stitches.  You can go see her now, but only a few people at a time."

"Mr. and Mrs. Parker, I should be there when she wakes up," Michael informed Liz's parents.  I promised her I would be there…" Michael trailed off.

"Okay Michael." Mr. Parker relented, "Oh and Michael," Mrs. Parker stopped him, "Thank you for being such a good friend to Liz."

Michael walked past Max, Maria, Isabel and Alex into the recovery room without looking at them with their questioning eyes. As Michael entered the room, he went straight to Liz, who was starting to stir and focused her eyes on him shielding her parents from her view with his hand.

"Hey Liz." Michael said as he studied her face to read her emotions.
"Hey Michael, um…Than"
"Shh." Michael stopped her. "How did the movie end?" He asked instead.
"Better in my version." She replied with the beginnings of a smile.
"Liz, How do you feel?" Michael asked.
"Sore, tired." Liz replied.
"Are you up for more guests?" Michael asked as he removed his hand to reveal Liz's parents to her.

Liz saw them and started to breathe heavy and tear up as she tried to hide in Michael's shirt.  "Michael not yet, please." Liz cried not seeing the pained expressions on her parents faces.

Michael raised his eyes to meet Liz's parents and tried to give them comfort with a look as they walked out upset that their daughter would not confide in her parents.

"Their gone now Liz.  It's going to be okay.  The sheriff needs to take our statements Liz." Michael said as he spied Valenti standing in the doorframe. "Liz we need to speak to him, can you do that?"

"Yeah but… will you please stay here?" Liz asked.
"Sure…Sheriff you can come in." Michael answered.

"Michael, Liz, I um… just need to talk to you both for a little bit okay?" Valenti started, nervous at questioning his friends' daughter under these circumstances.

"Yeah Sheriff.  I would like Michael to stay, is that okay?" Liz inquired.

"Yeah, so Liz can you tell me what happened, take your time" Sheriff Valenti asked gently.

"Josh and I went to UFOnics and danced then we left and I was going to point out some other spots in town then I showed him some of the desert.  He stopped and he, um, he hit me and I fought against him but then I guess I lost consciousness because the next thing I remember I woke up and he was done.  He pushed me from the car and started to hit me again and he told me if I told anyone he would hurt Maria or Isabel.  I was just so scared." Liz whimpered clinging to Michael, "He left and I didn't know what to do.  I started walking and I went to Michael.  He helped me get cleaned up and he gave me clothes and he helped me keep it a secret.  Today I was walking and he came up and grabbed me and dragged me into the Eraser Room and banged my head against the wall.  The next thing I saw was Michael and M…Max leaning over me." Liz finished.

"Liz, I need to ask you some more personal questions." The Sheriff explained and looked at Michael.

"Um. Liz, I am, uh, I need to see Maria, will you be okay." After Michael got an affirmative nod from Liz's head, he got up and headed for the door. "Oh, Sheriff, I kept the towels and wash clothes that I used to clean up Liz.  If you need them, they are at my house."

"Yeah, Michael that would be very helpful." The sheriff responded, surprised that Michael would have thought to keep them.

"'Kay, I will send Alex for them."

Part 11

Michael surveyed the crowd in the waiting room before walking over to where Alex was holding Maria. "Hey Alex, could you do me a favor?" Michael asked.

"Yeah, Yeah, name it.  Is Liz going to be okay?" Alex asked in a rush.
"Yeah, she will be fine eventually.  Listen there is some evidence, the towels I helped clean Liz up with at my apartment.  Here's the key.  Could you go get them for the sheriff? I um… yeah" Michael trailed off looking at Maria.

"Sure, I'll be back soon." Alex replied taking the key.

Michael replaced Alex sitting next to Maria nervous about what to say to fix the damage he did to her. "um… Maria, I…"
"Michael, shh." Maria cut him off as she crawled into his lap and kissed him. "Michael thank you for being there for her.  I don't know what all happened but thank you."
"I, ah, I" Michael stumbled as the weight of Liz's story, Maria's trust in him and everything else they had been through sank in and for the second time in his life Michael broke down in Maria's arms.

"Shh." Maria crooned into his hair. "you don't have to tell me, you don't have to say anything."

Sheriff Valenti was greeted with silence when he entered the waiting room again.  "Jeff, Nancy, Michael, Liz is asleep.  Oh Alex, thanks for getting these."  The Sheriff said as Alex reentered the waiting room and moved to sit by Isabel offering a hand to hold, which she shyly accepted. "No prob." He replied.

Part 12

The Next Morning

The group plus Liz's parents woke up in the waiting room to find Michael already in Liz's room.

"Liz, you need to talk to them.  They all love you Liz, no matter what happened." Michael tried to assure her.

"Michael, I just.  I can't yet, please." Liz said exasperated.

"Okay Liz, but you have to talk to them soon, okay?" Michael half threatened her.
"yeah" "Liz" "yeah, Michael, yeah I will talk to them soon." "Alright, I'll go talk to them." Michael said as he left the room.

He entered the waiting room and headed straight for Liz's Parents. "Mr. and Mrs. Parker, Liz wants to stay with me after she gets out of the hospital tomorrow.  I have tried to talk to her to get her to open up to you guys but, I don't know, she just won't.  Michael explained confused by Liz's behavior.

"Wait, just wait a second.  No. I don't think so Michael.  I am trying to be understanding to both you and Liz, but I want my daughter back. She is coming home with her mother and I." Mr. Parker said getting upset.

"Mr. Parker, Liz doesn't want to talk to you, you can't make her go with you against her wishes." Michael said coming to Liz's defense.

"She is My Daughter!" Mr. Parker retorted.
"She doesn't want to go with you!" Michael yelled back.
"Why is that Michael. Why doesn't our daughter want to talk to us or any of her friends? Why? Why did she go to you?" Mr. Parker yelled back making his wife break out in tears again.
"Because I don't like her.  You all, you all put her on this big pedestal and she knows it and she feels like she has fallen off of it." Michael shouted back as he gave in to them all.
"What?! What do you mean?" Mr. Parker asked cautiously.
"Michael. Shh. Sit down." Maria directed him as he calmed down.
"Tell us what you mean." Max demanded.
"Fine, FINE." Michael said as he stood back up and started to pace the waiting room. "Isabel, well obviously you would tell Max and you are always calling her Miss Perfect.  Alex, other than when Max was in the hospital, has Liz ever come to you with a problem.  Like a big one. Never. She has always been the supportive one, especially with you, Maria.  You are so flighty and full of energy.  She is what grounds you, who do you complain to when you complain about me. To Liz, and she supports you.  Max.  You think she is perfect, Jeez, you have been in love with her since the third grade.  She loves you too and you were supposed to be her first. Now you can't be.  She can't live up to those expectations right now.  And you two," Michael said pointing at Liz's Parents, "other than this last week Liz has never given you cause to worry.  She gets straight A's is involved in school, will go to Harvard, and is very responsible.  She just is tired and she feels like she fell of that pedestal you all put her on.  She is afraid of how you all will react to her.  That's it.  She is afraid." Michael said as he sat down next to Maria, exhausted after this outburst. "She came to me because she doesn't think I have those expectations of her."  Michael was met with silence as his words trailed off. As everyone thought about what he had said.

Mr. and Mrs. Parker were the first to come out of their stupor as the stood and crossed to the door to enter Liz's room.

Part 13

Mr. and Mrs. Parker entered Liz's room and crossed to her bed.  Liz seeing her parents suddenly started to get nervous. "um. Mom, Dad, I um, please…"
"Liz, we love you so much." They cut her off. "We want you to come home with us.  Michael told us why you are so scared.  Liz no matter what happens or what you choose to do.  We will always love you and you will always be our daughter." They finished both of them crying.

"Mommy, Daddy, I'm sorry. I love you both, I just…" Liz trailed off, crying also.
"shh… it's okay, when you are ready." They said as they get Liz quick hugs and left the room.

Alex was the next person Liz saw as he approached her bed and started talking to her.
"You once said you could come to me with every problem.  When you are ready to talk Liz, I will be here. I love you." He finished as he kissed her on the forehead and left the room.

Isabel entered next already crying for her friend. "Liz, Max may be my brother, but you are my first real friend and I am sure one day you will be my sister.  I was so worried and if you want to talk I am here for you.  Also if you, um, want a girl to" Isabel waived her fingers in a motions similar to healing, "I will, just ask." She finished and gave Liz a quick hug as Maria came barreling into the room.

Maria grabbed Liz into a gentle bear hug before saying "Liz you are my girl, my sister and I love you and if you need anything I got your back babe. and if I every catch you in bed with my boyfriend again I will skin you alive." She added in an attempt to lighten the mood, which is exactly what it did.  Maria and Liz shared one more quick hug as Max waited by the door for Maria to leave so he could talk to Liz.

"Liz, I love you.  You are my heart and soul.  Look at me Liz" He demanded as her eyes dropped in shame. "Liz, I don't love you because I imaging one day making love to you and that's it.  I love your smile, your eyes, the way you look at me.  I love the way you think and how you treat everyone.  I love YOU, Liz. And as for when that day comes when we will give ourselves to each other for the first time, I guarantee you that we will both be virgins.  Liz, you were raped.  You are still a virgin until you Give yourself to someone.  Give, Liz.  I just hope that that someone is me." Max finished looking her straight in the eyes.

"Oh Max, I love you too.  I guess I just needed to hear that. And  I can assure you it will definitely be you." Liz replied matching his stare. "Um Max, could you please send in Michael, I need to talk to him."

"sure love," Max answered and left after giving Liz a light kiss on her mouth.

Michael entered shyly, trying to say as far from the bed as possible in case she was upset and wanted to take it out physically on him.  He was surprised though with her words.

"Thank you Michael.  I couldn't have gotten through all this without you.  I owe you." Liz smiled at him and waved for him to come closer.

"No problem Liz.  Just next time I screw up with Maria, defend me okay?" Michael said back with one his half smiles.

"'Kay." Liz said as she gave him the strongest hug that she could.

Part 14


The weeks passes and the six grew even closer together as they helped Liz recover and get thought the emotional turmoil surrounding her return home, to school and having to testify for the jury at Josh's trial.  In the end, Josh was sentenced to 70 years in prison with no chance at parole, Liz was able to make a remarkable recovery with help from Max and Isabel.  The family meals nights even continued and gradually came to include Amy Deluca and Mr. and Mrs. Whitman as Isabel and Alex became more than friends and Michael and Maria committed themselves to each other.

The End

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