Rules :
Your site must be related to roswell, and have a plaque up [how else will ppl vote for you?]

Round Info :
Voting has now begun..

 Updates :
1/22/02 ~ All nominees have been added and voting has begun!!! so go and vote vote vote...
1/14/02 ~ Loads Of Nominees have been added .....Keep em comming ..
1/7/02 ~  I have made a new site called Majickal Moments......Its a FanFiction site and I would love it if you would all go and check it out. Also Nomanations are open and I have already recived a few so I will be adding those..
1/3/02 ~  New Layout for the new Year!! whoo hoo.... :)  okay .... The Extras Section is getting a makeover.... and it will have a new catagory in a couple of's a suprise...
12/28/01 ~ The Winners for Round 2 are now posted In the Extras Section under Previous Winners. Round 3 will start Jan. 3rd. Please rember that all the ppl on the updates list got to know who the winners were 2 days before anyone else!! So join up if you wanna know too. Winners are being contacted with their awards it will probably take at least a couple of days.

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