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I will post Spoilers for Season 3 as I get them. If you have any info you would like to share with us, then send it in.

These came from Wanda
From daglen4ever96: Is there any chance Colin Hanks will be back next year on Roswell?
He might show up for a guest spot or two, but he definitely won't be a regular (working on that movie career). Sorry. But...there'll be a new biscuit in town--and Isabel's gonna sop him up like gravy.

From Barnelle: Tell us more on Isabel's new guy!
He's Jesse, a young lawyer at Isabel's father's law firm. When the season starts, we learn she spent her summer days snugglin' up to him. Of course, nothing on Roswell is ever what it seems, and this new character is no exception. He has a secret that will shock Isabel--and all the T-chugs.

From quardine11: Who will play Jesse? Somebody hot, I hope!
They've just started the casting process, and Jesse's going to be a regular, so it may take a little time. But so far, I've heard that Tyler Christopher (former General Hospital heartthrob) and Jason Cerbone (The Sopranos' dearly departed Jackie Jr.) are in the running.

From Roswellgurly47: Can you get ANYBODY from Roswell for a chat?
With any luck, we just might get everybody--or close to it--for September. We're working on it.

These Spoilers came from : SpoiledRottenRoswell@yahoogroups:

~UPN will explore the relationship aspect once again of m/m and m/l--but
again a lot of sci-fi the 3rd season--especially since max will be "visiting"
his home planet in order to save his son.

~Tess turns completly against them

~Isabel blames herself for not knowing something was off with tess

~The new season starts off once again at the beginning of the school year
while the whole summer michael and maria have gotten closer and closer-as
well as max and liz--but max has also spent most of the summer trying to come
up with a plan to save his son

~Isabel and Kyle surprisingly have spent a lot of time together over the
summer (but only as friends)

~Isabel prepares to go to a local college