To become a keeper of something or a moment or a feeling..ect. send your request to ME and i will add you to the list which will be here.
Please include What you want to be keeper of, The name you want on the card, If you want a card please tell me that too, and if there is a certian Picture you would like please include that too.
Also you will get a cool card graphic like the one below to show what you are the keeper of if you would like can use it in your posts on
message boards , your website..ect..
1. Peachez~keeper of Michael and Liz' Secret Love for each other
2.Kylie a.k.a. Liz  ~ keeper of Max and Liz' Wedding Kiss
3.Roswellian ~ keeper of Liz and Future Max's Dance
4.Alie~ keeper of Max and Liz' I Love You's in the Van(Destiny)
5.Jade ~ keeper of Maria telling Michael to be quiet while she was assessing their relationship
6.Lia~ keeper of the strawberries from Sexual Healing
7.Sarah~ keeper of Michael and Maria's balance Kiss
8.Tabasco Liz~keeper of Max and Liz' Blind Date Kiss
9.Kailia~keeper of Michael and Maria's 2001 Prom Dance
10.Jessica~keeper of Max and Liz' first kiss from Sexual Healing