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What was the date of Liz's first journal entry?:
Who did Isabel first dreamwalk?:
Who was Tapolsky really?:
When did Alex first find out about the podsquad?:
Who got shot in the Episode "The Convention"?:
When did the Sheriff give back the orb?:
Who kidnapped Liz in "Max to the Max"?:
Why did Liz walk away from Max in "Destiny"?:
Who should REALLY be together: couples wise?* No Destiny involved*:
Who did Max Decide Nasedo Should pose as in "Destiny"?:

1. What was the name of the girl Isabel was having flashes about (not Tess) ?
2. Who did Liz pretend to sleep with?
3. Where was the Universal Friendship Leage located?
4. Who did Isabel kill?
5. What were the names of the Dupes?
6. What happened to Alex?
7. Who found decoded book (the alien book) ?
8. Who did the deed?

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