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To win an award:
1. Must be Roswell Related(General, Couple, Actor,FanFic,ect...)
2. Cannot have alot of broken Links.
3. Must have an original Layout.
4. Not a must but  would be nice:as one webmistress to another (or webmaster:lol) to have a link back to my site.
Submit site:
Fill out the form below and I will check out the site, and get back to you within a few days.... if I don't then you can e-mail me to know why you did not recive an award and I promise not to be mean....just constructive...cause I know mine needs some work too..
Please specify which character/ couple you would like on your award....Along with are you applying for Couple Site or just General Site.......Just put it in the Award you would like section.
Awards: plesase pick one:
Out of this World Couple Site Award~~~ Award of Excellence~~~ Creativity Award~~~ Best Graphics Award~~~ Best Layout Award~~~ Shining Star Award
 Golden Tabasco Award and Best of the Web These two will be extremely hard to get....cause I'm picky :o) but should you apply for them and I choose not to give it then you may get one of the others anyway...
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