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Notice: all graphics , animations and so on were made by ME!! If you wanna use them thats fine but if u put em on you're website please please give me credit!!!!
Hot Bars for IE or Netscape : must have hotbar from Then save them in your hotbar folder.
These were made by me: if you want to use them for your site then just give me credit and a link to my site!! more to come soon.. :the whole cast: M/M; A/I: the pod squad: the humans: and more....

 Animations :MORE TO COME SOON!!
Use these as you like but please give me some credit!! Thanks :o) and if you would like one you dont see here just e-mail me and let me know and i will get it for you. SOME OF THESE MAY TAKE A FEW MIN. TO OPEN..PLEASE BE PAITENT!
Jason in Commerical
M/L Blind Date
M/L First Kiss
M/L Sexual Healing 1
M/L Sexual Healing 2
Max and Liz Destiny
M/M Independance Day
Michael and Liz
Alex and Isabel

 Graphics for you to use: More to come...
Just a note:Please if you use these on a site (for some reason...) Please put a link back to the site and give me credit...Thanks

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 Yahoo Msgr Skins
I only have backgrounds for now....I am working on the friends_toolbar thingy I just cannot get it right but look for them. I lightened some of them up so u could read the text better. Also , they do look much better on the msgr.  Want me to make you one?? e-mail me with what u want.
To use these clik on the background u want and save it in you're yahoo messanger Skins folder, then make a new folder in skins an d name it something like maxandliz or whatever....then just go to prefrences under you're messanger login and go to apperance and change the current theme to what you named you're folder.
Max and Liz Background     

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