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I don't know if anyone noticed this, but I was watching Cry Your Name again on tape and I realized that in the scene where Liz is seeing visions of Alex and everything she sees Alex's *striptease* but if you look back in Surprise Liz wasnt there...she was at Whitaker's office...

In It's too late and its too bad, when Tess was saying she would be there for etnerity, she had hair in she face. When the camera looks at her again, her hair is behind her ears.

In destiny, When Liz is walking away from Max her underwear is showing

Meet the Dupes:

*When Max gets up to leave the Crashdown when he is talking to Liz, he puts his backpack over his shoulder twice.
· There's Max's seatbelt on/off deal when he's talking to Isabel.
· When Maria and Brody are eating breakfast - the shot is over Maria's shoulder and you can see her cutting her pancakes. The next shot is behind Brody and Maria is already chewing and her fork is on the table.
· . In the opening scene, right before the "I'm the man" speech, Lonnie and Ava have their arms around each other, and then they don't in the next shot.
· when Alex walks in on the dupes watching the pod squad, Ava turns to look at him twice.

Wipe Out:

· When Maria calls Alex, her phone switches hands.

Mrs. Evans' arms switch positions when Isabel hugs her at the end.
· In the scene where Isabel is hunched up against the lockers, when Max is running up to her he kicks something metal(?) and it bounces off the bottom of the lockers (to the right of Isabel's arm), you can hear it when it hits
· How could Kyle and Maria be in the same remedial science classes for 3 years when, during Sexual Healing and TLV, Maria was in the same science class as Liz, Max and Alex with Kyle nowhere in sight?!
· The sheriff shoots the skin who is attacking Liz once, but the skin has 3 holes in his jacket.
· Maria climbs up to the billboard before she puts the jumper cables on the car.
· The rearview mirror must've been the latest casualty on the Jetta because it is missing.

End of the World:
· When Kyle and Liz get into bed, all of the lights are on. When we come back to them, the room is dimly lit.

When Kyle and Liz are in bed talking about Max healing them, her arm is outside of the covers and she is lying on her back. In the next shot her arm is under her head and she is lying on her side.

When Max holds out his hand to Liz to dance, he takes her right hand. When they stand up he is holding her left hand.
· when Liz gets into bed with Kyle shes in the towel, she takes it off under the covers and it is on top of the sheets, but the next shot it's gone.
· the scene in Micheals house with Alex yelling at him, when Alex comes in, Micheal closes the door, but then when they show Alex, you can see the door behind him, and its completely open.
· Michael's apartment has moved again. He now enters from a hallway again. In Skin and Bones you had to enter from the outside.
· When Max throws the roses to Liz, she catches them with the buds to her left, but in the next shot the buds are to her right
· Kyle is wearing a watch when he gets into bed with Liz. Later, it's missing.

In the episode "blind date"
Max lites up the 'M.E.+L.P.' with his right hand. But later when Liz is thinking of Max it shows him do it with his left.

In the End of the World,
when Max in talking to Tess out side the Crashdown, they keep coming back to Tess and her hair will be tucked behind her ear and then you see her again and her hair isn't tucked in

in the one ep indepence the begining. micheal is talking to max at the railroad track and something falls out of his packet and he puts his hand over his mouth and he keeps on acting...

In the episode "Pilot", Max heals Liz with his left hand....but when you see the
handprint, it's the handprint of a right hand.