Katherine Heigl
Born November 24, 1978, Katherine Heigl got her first camera time at the age of nine as a child model in New Canaan, Connecticut, her hometown. By her 12th birthday, she had made her feature film debut in "That Night," with Juliette Lewis. By 14 she had had several major roles, including her breakthrough role, the rebellious teenager determined to grow up too fast in the Gerard Depardieu comedy "My Father, the Hero."
Katherine just finished a new independent film called "100 Girls," about a college boy who meets a girl in an elevator during a blackout, later trying to find her although he doesn't know what she looks like. In 1998 Katherine starred in the fourth installment of the cult-hit "Child's Play" series, "The Bride of Chucky." Her credit list also includes a co-starring role in "King of the Hill," director Steven Soderbergh's depression-era opus. She dipped into the action genre as Steven Segal's kidnapped niece in "Under Siege 2," and was featured in "Prince Valiant" and the comedy "Wish Upon A Star."
Heigl has also starred on the small screen, appearing opposite Peter Fonda in the Shakespeare-as-Civil-War-period-piece drama "The Tempest." She played the critical role of 16-year-old Miranda, who is torn between her devotion to her father and her love for a Union soldier.
Heigl continued to live and attend school in New England until her high school graduation, when she moved to Los Angeles to dedicate herself to being a full-time actor.
Isabel has two sides to her personality, which are polar opposites. To the outside world she is an elitist snob who hangs out only with the "in" crowd, wouldn't be caught dead doing a "service oriented" job and is only interested in the latest fashions.
In private, she deeply loves her family (her parents, Max and Michael) and is a caring, loving individual who will stick by you through thick and thin. She is very bright and does well in school but would not be considered an overachiever. She would like to be a supermodel but her career placement profile says she should choose a caregiver field.
When she walks into Alex' dream she learns how he feels about her and is pleasantly surprised. Isabel loved her life in Roswell and is very upset that her little world has been disrupted. She partially blames Liz for this disruption and, although she considers her an ally she has not yet bonded with her as a friend.
She mainly used her powers for recreational purposes and enjoyed dreamwalking. When she walked into Alex' dream she learned how he feels about her and was pleasantly surprised. She was hesitant to start a relationship with him but eventually her heart won the struggle. But now she has a new struggle; should she go with her heart and stay with Alex or go with her destiny and be with Michael?
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