Brendan Fehr
Since landing his first professional acting job less than two years ago, Brendan Fehr has emerged as one of Canada's hottest young actors. He makes his television-starring debut with the WB's new series, "Roswell."
Fehr gave little thought to acting or performing while growing up. Instead, he spent his early years playing sports. Even now, he lists nine sports including Canadian favorites hockey, skiing, and snowboarding as his favorites. The studious-minded Fehr was no slouch in the classroom, either he originally intended to become an accountant.
Fehr's plans changed during his teen years, when friends advised him to put his good looks to work as a professional model. On a trip to Vancouver, British Columbia, in the fall of 1997, Fehr looked into modeling work near his hometown. Within a week, he was signed by his current manager and had landed a guest-starring role on the TV series "Breaker High."
Since then, Fehr has guest-starred on "Millennium" and starred in the television movies "Our Guys" (with Eric Stoltz and Ally Sheedy), "Perfect Little Angels," and "Every Mother's Worst Fear."
His feature film credits include "Disturbing Behavior," where he was directed by "Roswell" executive producer David Nutter, and co-starred with future castmate William Sadler. He also appeared in "Flight 180" opposite Devon Sawa, and starred in the independent feature "Christina's House."
Fehr currently lives In Los Angeles.
Michael is a loner; a rebel with a cause. He never had a trusting nature and being raised by an alcoholic, uncaring foster father (Hank) did not alleviate this problem. Michael was emancipated and is now totally responsible for his own livelihood and his actions. He works at the Crashdown Café as a cook.
Although he is very bright, he is a very poor student. He is very impulsive and often acts without thinking things through. He has very low self esteem. When comparing himself to Max, he thinks Max is the good one and he is the bad. Michael hated his life in Roswell and was looking for any excuse to leave and find something better. Out of the three, he was the one who most wanted to find a way home, wherever his "real" home may be.
Michael had no other friends besides Max and Isabel. When he meets Maria, he starts having feelings for a human that he never had before, which he finds confusing and unsettling. Michael loves Maria and desperately needs her approval but at the same time fears her ability to penetrate his stonewall facade. He's also afraid of hurting her. He does not have control over his powers; they are very erratic and sometimes backfire.
In self defense, he sent an energy surge at Agent Pierce, which killed him. This caused him to send Maria away, fearing that his erratic powers may one day harm her, and reinforced his belief that he is basically bad. How his new knowledge of his purpose in life will affect his choice of a mate and his self worth remain to be seen.
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