Majandra Delfino
With a starring role in Roswell, and at least three movies set for release this year, Majandra Delfino is taking Hollywood by storm.
Delfino was born in Caracas, Venezuela, but moved with her family to Miami at age 3. During her early childhood, she immersed herself in the arts, enrolling in ballet, singing and acting lessons. Before long, she was performing in school plays and community theater productions. By age 10, she was dancing in "The Nutcracker" with the Miami Ballet.
Although her parents were somewhat dismayed with her acting aspirations, they gave their 15-year-old daughter a six-month deadline to follow her dream. Within just a few months, Delfino secured her first role as Kathleen Quinlin's daughter in the film "Zeus and Roxanne." Soon after, she accepted her first role on a television series as Tony Danza's eldest daughter on "The Tony Danza Show." She is currently involved in several on-screen endeavors including the horror spoof, "I Know What You Screamed Last Summer" and the coming-of-age drama, "The Secret Lives of Girls."
Delfino recently graduated from high school, and now resides in Los Angeles.
Liz Parker's best friend and co-worker at the Crashdown Café. Maria is funny, flaky and quirky and provides much of the comic relief for the show. Her solution for most problems involves herbs or some "new age" mysticism. Maria is a very passionate individual who is not afraid to speak her mind.
Her relationship with Michael is a textbook case of opposites attracting. When they are together, sparks fly; both the bickering kind and the romantic. When Michael's fears caused him to push her back she responded with an "I'm teflon babe" attitude, as if the hurt just slid right off, which in reality it didn't. Then, when Michael did something sweet and endearing, she once more got "sucked into the alien abyss".
But the stakes are higher now. She loves him, and knows he loves her, so she's more apt to resist his trying to "protect" her from himself. However, she is not yet aware of his purpose in life, so, whether she decides, like Liz, to make the sacrifice and step aside, is as yet unknown.
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