Shiri Appleby
With a captivating performance on "Roswell," Shiri Appleby is ready for a breakthrough. The Los Angeles-born actress started her career at age four, acting in commercials for Cheerios, Taco Bell, and M&Ms, among others.
More recently, Appleby portrayed a troubled gang member on the WB's "7th Heaven." She was previously seen in guest-starring roles on "thirtysomething," "ER," "Xena: Warrior Princess," and "Doogie Howser, M.D," and starred on the Norman Lear original series "Sunday Dinner." She also starred in the made-for-TV films "Family Prayers" with aul Reiser and Anne Archer, and "Perfect Family," with Jennifer O'Neill and Bruce Boxleitner.
Appleby broke onto the big screen in Lawrence Kasdan's black comedy "I Love You to Death," with Kevin Kline, River Phoenix, and Tracey Ullman.
Appleby is a student at the University of Southern California, where she majors in English.
Liz is similar to Max, the alien that she finds herself in love with, in that she is very methodical and likes to be in control of every situation. She keeps a journal in which she chronicles her daily life.
She is an excellent student and hopes to be head of molecular biology research at Harvard someday. She lives above and works before and after school in the Crashdown Café, which is owned and operated by her parents and is the local hang-out. When Max saves her life and she learns his secret, her world starts to spiral out of control.
Everything changed but it also felt as if her life was just beginning and she wanted Max to play a major part in her new life. She too knows they are soul mates and her love for him is consummate. However, when she learns of Max' purpose in life, she fears she may be a hindrance and feels she must make the supreme sacrifice and step aside.
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