Updates on the site
The FanFiction Section will be up and running again tommorrow....I am adding all the new stories and updates that have been accumulating in my inbox.... :)

The Links section is fixed and added some new ones...also there will be a link of the moment there which should change freaquently!!

I made a member of page and a Thank You's page . The Pics , well I am having a real big problem with this I am working on it but if anyone has any suggestions of a program to use for making online albums....please oh please let me know!!! TY... The Next round of the fanfiction awards will be starting again soon so keep an eye out for that....

Also comming to RU is  ~When Night Falls~ a site awards website.... Looking for judges......all will be posted when I get it finished...
Okay I know I know ...... where in the hell have I been .... well not on here :O)

now I am back and the site will be updated reguarly now.... I am workin on getting everything back to normal as I have switched computers so some stuff may not work and some of the graphics may not show up just yet but hang in there and keep on comming back b/c the stuff that has said c.s. or comming soon will be here now!!!

News and Info
For those of you in TN that don't get UPN (like myself!!) WB20 will be airing Roswell on Saturday evenings starting on 10/20...

The DDD have made Dreamer T-Shirts...go get one today!!

Thank You letter from PCF --- $16,400.00 raised read the TY from them here