Things that make you go HMMMM...
The NeverEnding Plot holes, Questions, Missing Characters, Or just stuff that bugs everyone!!
Here is where to find all those and more just a little list me and a friend (RoseRed69) have been working on for a while It started out just being something to talk about but it's grown into a whole big thing.... so if you have any to add go to the message board and look under Outspoken Aliens and add what u think. This is an evergrowing list so please feel free to add to it!!!
Missing Characters:
1) S1 Max (I couldn't resist. )
2) The Parents
3) River Dog
4) Milton from the UFO center
5) Tess, the Gerbil
6) Nasado
7) The Dupes
9) Doug Shellow
10) Alex (RIP)
11) Topolsky (RIP?)
12) Kyle's Friends.
13) Jose' the fry cook
14) Jen and Larry
15) Tic-tac
16) Grandma Claudia (RIP)
17) Laurie
18) Eddie
19) Owen (The Native American Deputy)
20) Pam Troy
21) Agent Stevens. (RIP)
22) Mr. Evans/The Pizza man in MA.
23) Isabel's Cool Friends
24) Mrs. Valenti
25) Mr. Deluca

General S1 Questions:
1) Where did River Dog and Eddie go?
2) What happened to Kyle's mustang?
3) Does Jose work at the Crashdown any more?
4) What happened to the other survivor like nasado?
5) Do they ever use the same place for Liz's balcony?
6) What happened to Mrs. Valenti?
7) What happened to Maria's dad?
8) Where are Alex's parents?
9) Isn't it great Michael/Maria/Liz can just walk away from the Crashdown any time they want, stay gone for as long as they want, and yet business does fine?
10) Have Liz/Maria/Michael ever worked a whole shift?
11) Are all the parents really that oblivious?
12) What happened to Isabel's perfect friends?
13) Does the whole group have free access to the back room of the Crashdown?
14) Does all the pod squad have designer clothes?

General Questions for Each Episode:
Pilot Episode:
1) How did Liz get enough cells off Max's pencil to do the test?
2) The Crash festival happens over/around the 4th of July. This one is in September.
3) Michael/Max/Isabel all left the roadside cafe without food, but in the jeep Michael is eating.
4) How did Max reverse the connection with Liz?
5) Why did Liz put the waitress uniform in her bookbag and not get rid of it?
6) Why did Valenti show Liz (a minor) photo's from a murder scene?
7) How long does the sliver handprint stay on a corpse? A living person?
8) The group had time to set up the whole car running over Maria scene, but didn't do the painted silver handprint at the same time?

The Morning After:
1) No one noticed Michael staking out the sheriff's office?
2) Topolsky stopped taking roll after Michael's name. What about the rest of the class? Then later she knows Liz's name?
3) Why was agent Hart sitting in the sheriff's office?
4) How did Liz know where Michael lived?
5) Why did Valenti keep the key? He didn't know what it went to.
6) What happened to the guy who originally played Max and Isabel's dad? Did he morph too?
7) Why did it say Junior on Michael's records?
8) Why did Kyle follow Max/Liz? Didn't he trust Liz?
9) What counselor comes to your house after dark? Why didn't she call Hank about Michael being absent?
10) Did Michael make Enough noise when he broke into the sheriff's office?
11) What 16 year old boy thinks to bring rubber gloves to break into someone's office?
12) The sheriff wouldn't of heard them jumping into the dumpster?
13) Why was Michael the only one to get flashes from the key?
14) Why didn't the FBI find any blood on the dress? Just catsup?

General S2 Questions:
1) What is the Granolith and what exactly can/does it do?
a) One time transport
b) Time Machine
c) Healing device
d) Religious icon
e) Decorating the pod chamber?

2) Michael's Hair? Does he have a comb? Does he use a comb? Does he own a mirror? Who Dresses Michael?
3) Did Kyle tell Sheriff Valenti about his new found religion?
4) Does the group go to school any more?
a) no more school functions? ie: basket ball games.

5) Does Max or Michael know what a front door looks like?
6) Is Liz ever going to see the Granolith?
7) Do any of them know what Grounded is?
8) Can Isabel wear leather all the time? Doesn't it get hot in Roswell, N.M. in the spring, summer, early fall?
9) Do any of them eat at home? Don't their parents wonder where they are at meal time?
10) Does everyone drive Max's jeep and Maria's Jetta? Does their insurance cover all those extra drivers?
11) Does the Eraser Room still exist?
12) What happened to the orbs, destiny book, healing stones ect..
13) Does everything happen at the crashdown/UFO center?
14) Does Jose and any other employee work at the crashdown still? What happened to all those employees we saw?
15) Does Mr. Parker still run the Crashdown?
16) When are Liz, Maria, Alex and Kyle's birthdays? (Kyle's was answered 5/4/84?)
17) Why does the Valenti furniture look like it's from the 1960's?
18) Do they ever use the same place for Liz's balcony?
19) What happened to Maria's dad?
20) Where are Alex's parents?
21) Do the podsters ever do anything normal any more?
22) Do the podsters eat non-normal foods any more? ie: Tabasco sauce.
23) What exactly are Max and Michael fighting about all the time? What is Max and Michael's problem?
24) Why are the podsters openly talking/SHOUTING about alien stuff in public?
25) How can Michael/Maria/Liz walk away from the crashdown at any given moment, stay gone for as long as they want, and business does fine?
26) Have Liz and Maria made it through a whole shift at the Crashdown?
27) Why hasn't Mr. Parker interrupted/walked into the back room of the Crashdown a couple of times? It's pretty suspicious when 3 staff members all go in there at once.
28) Are all their parents really that dumb?
29) What happened to Isabel's perfect friends?
30) Does all the group have free access to the back room of the Crashdown? And free access to come into the UFO center when ever they want? (see #27)
31) How do they afford all those designer clothes?
32) Do the Evan's have any other rooms in their house besides the kitchen, Max's room and Isabel's room?
33) When did Michael loose ANY of the social skills that he had developed last year?
34) What is up with Sean? What is his purpose for being in Roswell?
35) When did Kyle become a block head?
36) When did everything start revolving around Isabel?
37) Is there a rule now that says all 8 of them can NOT be in the same room together?
38) Why when a plan works does Michael take all the credit?
39) Does Michael no longer have his motorcycle?
40) What happened to Nicholas and the Dupes?
41)When is Max going to realize Liz is not acting herself?
41) When is Max going to come to his senses?
42) Where are all the parents? Did they not come back from Wipeout?
43) Is Liz ever going to tell Max about Future Max?
44) Does Michael live in a building like the Jetson's? One time he lives on the second floor with the door opening into a hall way the next he lives on the ground floor with the door opening to outside. How can the inside keep changing?
45) Are Liz's parents dead?
46) How many species of aliens live on Antar? How many on Earth?
47) When did Michael get a bed?