Funny Screencaps: U got any??
"But it's our Destiny!!!"
"Oh god , I wish she would just .... Ugh"
"oh shit...maybe I should have shut up"
"Maria was that you?"
"I don't know could have been, Man this acid is good"
"Liz are you hiding too??"
"Yeh I dont think anyone will see me."
Mrs. Evans: "Why does he constantly have to use the bathroom in the washer? It's so embarrasing"  Mr.Evans: "Oh dont worry dear he is just goin through a phase"  Isabel: "God Max, would you please stop that?? What if someone see's you?"
"Yeh okay Alex your's is bigger. You win"
Little does Alex know but Isabel has changed.
"It's okay little fellow , we will get you fixed up back here where there is more privacy."