Site: Outpost Roswell

Owner: slayerjenn
Reviewer: Heather
Review date: 11-20-01

Splash: No splash page/ some people dont like these or dont use them but most of the time its good to have one.
Points : 0/10
Layout: Simple but tastefull and very orginized.
Points : 10/10
Content: Awsome content you've got great stuff and loads of it.
Points : 10/10
Graphics: Great stuff. love how you used the S3 pics
Points : 10/10
Navagation: Easy as pie and always in the same place. Lovely
Points : 10/10
Originality: You have a basic roswell site but you've also got great extras like the games and the enimies.
Points : 9/10
Loading Time: I didn't have to wait at all.
Points : 10/10
Overall Impression: This is is awsome! Keep up the great work and keep adding different things to the site....that's what makes it good.
Points : 20/20

Total Score : 79/90