24/7 Roswell : Confidential Links

Site Owner : Isabel
Reviewed by : Malu

Layout at time of Review:

Splash: It's simple but very beautiful. There's nothing wrong with it. Total: 10

Layout: I liked the header; as same as the splash it's simple but anyways it looks good. The thing is that you don't have any other pics. Maybe you can try it. Try to add another pic, maybe the same with Max, but in another place. Don't put a header only. Total: 8
Content: I know your site is a links directory site, but you have lots of content! That's really great! Total: 10

Graphics: Your graphics are wonderful, but you used the same characters. Try to use others and your graphics will be awesome. Total: 8

Navigation: You're site doesn't have broken links, and the visitors can navigate easily. The only things you should check out are the links to the full versions of your artwork. I was trying to see them, but instead of the picture, a message appeared saying "page cannot be found". Total: 9

Originality: Your site is very unique. There aren't many site like yours out there. :o)
Total: 10

Loading Time: Your site doesn't load easily... I had to wait a few minutes, but it's not big deal. Total: 9

Overall Impresion: You had made a great site! you have nice graphics, and the artwork is really awesome. There are things you should try to fix up but beside that your site is wonderful. Keep up the great work! Total: 19

[ Total: 83/100 ]