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This is a Review site for any and all websites....It does not matter what kind it is , even if it's just your own homepage with pictures and things about you....You  can get it reviewed here. I am not a mean person so I will not be harsh or anything like that I will only give constructive critisim and the reviewers that I enlist to help me will do the same.

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: 01/14/02 :
1 new Review added , In-line has been updated.
: 01/9/02 :
Welcome a new Reviewer on board....Grace.....She is already working on her first review!!! The in-line Section has been updated and Reviews will be posted tommorrow.
: 01/7/02 :
The In-Line section has been updated and we will be having a new reviewer join us too.... more on that tommorrow.
: 01/2/02 :
There have been no reviews done as of late b/c my grandmother has been in the hospital in bad shape...but i am getting back to it.... Please dont think i have forgot about you i havent.  I am in desperate need of Reviewers though so please go to the reviewers section and apply....please!!!! also the site may have a new promoter i will know something tommorrow... for the new year I have a new  layout , I have new family sites!!! they are on the splash page so go and visit them....also a new link has been added...


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